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Dental Implants in Central Oklahoma City

Missing teeth not only compromise the appearance of a patient’s smile, but can damage the long-term health of their jaw. At Pinkston Dental Care, Dr. Ben Pinkston provides patients restorations supported by dental implants, allowing them to completely reinforce their smile’s appearance and the ongoing stability of their bite.

If you are missing teeth and are interested in smile rehabilitation through dental implants, contact our Oklahoma City implant dentist today to schedule your exam and consultation.

The Long Term Benefits of Dental Implants

Restorations supported by implant posts are the ideal way to replace missing teeth. When placed in office by Dr. Pinkston, these titanium posts fuse to the jaw. Through this process of osseointegration, the implant acts like the root of the prosthetic, and prevents resorption of the bone. This gradual loss of bone is what causes the sunken and aged appearance of people missing a significant amount of teeth.

These posts can remain in place for a lifetime with proper hygienic care, and can be used to support a number of different restorations dependent on a patient’s evolving dental needs.

Durable and Aesthetic Restoration Materials

While the implant posts themselves are made from titanium, our Oklahoma City dental office provides multiple options for the abutment and visible restorations. The abutment, which connects the restoration to the implant, can be made with either titanium or zirconia. Both options provide patients with enhanced support for their restoration, though zirconia offers the natural semi-translucence that is ideal for teeth visible in the smile.

The restorations themselves are made from a number of strong, cosmetic materials to compliment a patient’s smile appeal and ensure a comfortable, natural bite. BruxZir crowns are tooth-colored restorations made from zirconia, allowing them to support the pressures of chewing and regular bite function. For patients in need of more natural-looking restorations, we provide the unparalleled aesthetic of e.max.

Implant Restorations We Offer

Dr. Pinkston provides a number of different implant restorations based on patients’ needs. Crafted at our trusted local lab, patients can replace gaps from singular or multiple teeth with optimal results.

Single-Tooth Restorations: If patients have experienced tooth loss, whether in the front or back of the mouth, single-tooth implant restorations are second only to natural tooth structure. Implant supported crowns can even be cleaned the same as natural teeth, requiring only regular brushing and flossing.

Implant-Supported Bridges: Should a patient be missing multiple teeth, implant-supported bridges can restore the balance of the bite. This restoration is supported by two or more implants, and recreate both the appearance and comfort of a healthy smile.

Restore Your Smile at Pinkston Dental Care

If you are missing one or more teeth and want the long-term support of implant-supported restorations, contact our Oklahoma City implant dentist today. Dr. Pinkston and our team are committed to the total health of our patients’ smiles. Schedule a consultation.


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