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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Central Oklahoma City

Progressive decay and physical trauma expose a tooth’s pulp to oral bacteria. This presents an immediate danger to the health of the tooth and can cause significant pain. At Pinkston Dental Care, we provide root canal therapy to remove affected tissue and seal out further decay, preserving the health and appearance of your smile.

If you are experiencing dental pain, don’t wait to contact our Central Oklahoma City root canal provider to schedule your treatment. We are committed to helping patients regain the full comfort and function of a healthy smile.

Conservative Dental Treatment

We strive to maintain the natural, healthy structures of a patient’s smile. Whenever damage from decay or physical trauma is present, we work to ensure that the tooth’s root remains viable to support jaw health and regular functions, such as chewing and speech. If bacteria have reached the interior systems of the tooth, we provide prompt and minimally invasive treatment through root canal therapy.

This procedure involves accessing infected tissues and removing the pulp from the root canal. Damaged tissue and nerves are then replaced with biocompatible materials to ensure continued health and stability. Depending on the amount of the tooth’s crown that was removed to access the pulp, a composite filling, an inlay, an onlay, or a porcelain crown is provided. These restorations seal out any future decay and reinforce the remaining healthy tooth structure.

Durable, Tooth-Colored Restorations

To complete root canal therapy and support tooth structures, our Oklahoma City dental practice provides long lasting restorations that are made to look just like natural teeth. Composite resin is adjusted to match the appearance of the surrounding enamel, and can withstand continued bite pressure.

Inlays, onlays, and crowns are other restorations commonly used following root canal therapy. These prosthetics are lab-crafted and made to fit each patient’s unique smile in both shape and shade. Modern dental porcelain ensures that, once these restorations are in place, patients can comfortably chew and speak as they did before treatment.

Restoring the Comfort of Patients’ Smile Today

Whether a loose filling from allowed bacteria to damage the interior of teeth, or a tooth was cracked through to the pulp, our Oklahoma City root canal dentist alleviates discomfort and restores the health of your smile. Contact Pinkston Dental Care to schedule your initial exam and consultation


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