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Teeth Whitening in Central Oklahoma City

As patients get older, continued consumption of coffee, tea, and wine, as well as habits such as tobacco use, can significantly yellow the shade of your teeth. While a discolored smile can impact your self-confidence, Pinkston Dental Care is well equipped to brighten your smile with services that are entirely non-invasive.

If you have noticed that your teeth have begun to yellow and are interested in at-home or in-office whitening treatments, contact our office for teeth bleaching in Oklahoma City today.

Non-Invasively Enhanced Smile Aesthetics

Topical whitening is an entirely safe treatment that allows you to significantly brighten your smile. Whether you choose a teeth whitening that occurs in-office or is performed from the comfort of your home, gel-based bleach is able to lift stains from enamel that have occurred due to the consumption of pigmented foods or harmful habits. Treatment at our office has allowed patients to achieve several shades of improvement after only one appointment or a limited use of custom bleaching trays.

In-Office Whitening Options

Zoom!® Whitening: This treatment is performed in a one hour long appointment at our office. Our Oklahoma City dentist will apply bleaching gel to the teeth which is activated by the custom UV light. Zoom! is ideal for those who are looking to see significant improvement before an upcoming event such as a wedding, graduation, or public speaking engagement.

Sinsational Smile: Much like Zoom!, this treatment utilizes a specialized light to activate the gel contained in the bleaching trays. These trays allow patients to relax during their 20-minute long treatment and makes significant improvements to the appearance of their smiles. After your teeth whitening session is complete, patients are provided with a bleaching pen to enhance the duration of their treatment’s effects.

At-Home Whitening

Our Oklahoma city dental practice also provides custom bleaching trays. Trays are made from molds of your smile that are taken in our office, ensuring your comfort during the course of your treatment. Once your trays have been fabricated, we provide you with Opalescence whitening gel, allowing you to brighten your smile while performing daily activities and household chores. At-home options also allow you to control the amount your smile is brightened, continuing or halting treatment as you reach your cosmetic goals.

Brighten Your Smile at Pinkston Dental Care

Whether you are looking to have the appearance of your smile changed in just one appointment or would prefer the customizability of take-home trays, contact Pinkston Dental Care today. We provide patients with a number of options that allow them to achieve ideally bright and beautiful smiles. Schedule a consultation today!


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