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Dental Restorations in Central Oklahoma City, OK

Healthy teeth are important for bite and self-confidence. At Pinkston Dental Care, we are committed to helping our patients achieve ideally beautiful and healthy smiles through restorations that are durable and aesthetic.

Whether you are missing a tooth, or are experiencing mild to moderate decay, schedule your exam and consultation with our Central Oklahoma City restorative dental team today.

Natural-Looking Fillings

For mild dental decay, Dr. Pinkston provides fillings using composite resin. This material can be matched to the natural color of patients’ teeth, making it ideal for restoring teeth that are visible when smiling. In addition to aesthetic appeal, composite resin fillings ensure the total health of our patients, as they eliminate the need for mercury-based restorations.

If your teeth shows signs of minor physical trauma such as cracks and chips, resin can also be used to repair them. Composite bonding can be used to fill cracks in the enamel, and restore the shape of the teeth, creating a uniform appearance.

Tooth-Colored Crown Restorations

Moderate to severe decay can leave the structure of the teeth compromised and requires more significant means of restoration. In order to provide patients with the strength necessary for normal bite function, Dr. Pinkston provides full-porcelain crowns in Oklahoma City. These restorations look like your natural teeth and can be matched to the shade of the surrounding smile. With e.max and zirconia crowns, we are able to fully restore teeth in both the front and back of the bite for optimal function and smile aesthetics.

Porcelain Dental Bridges

Whether caused by injuries or decay, missing one or more teeth can affect bite balance and your confidence in your appearance. At Pinkston Dental Care, we restore the gaps in patients’ smiles using porcelain dental bridges. These restorations use tooth-colored crowns to secure the pontic, or prosthetic tooth, allowing patients to regain their ideal smiles.

Implant-Supported Restorations

Second only to natural teeth are implant-supported restorations. Dr. Pinkston and our team help patients to achieve a long lasting bite through implant dentistry. We encourage patients who are interested in permanent restorations to visit our page on dental implants to learn more.

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If your smile has experienced damage due to decay or physical trauma, contact Pinkston Dental Care today to schedule your exam and consultation. We help patients in Belle Isle and throughout the neighboring communities of Central Oklahoma City with comprehensive restorative dentistry. 


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